Wednesday, 15 February 2017

nubia adds panic button to its smartphone for users' safety

ZTE's sub-brand nubia has announced that the company will add panic button on all its existing and future smartphones in India for the safety of users'.

The panic button feature will soon be added to nubia's Z11 and N1 via software update. Existing nubia users will be able to download the update from soon. The brand also announced that its upcoming smartphones in the country will come pre-installed with panic button.

To trigger the panic button function you will have to rapidly press the power button three time. This will connect you to the help line number which is currently 100 (in future to India's emergency number 112), and the GPS in your phone will help authorities to track your current location. The call will go through even if the balance is zero.

The addition of panic button is to comply with India Government's directive, which states that all handsets sold in the country from January 2017 should come with a panic button to provide emergency assistance to women. 


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