Monday, 6 March 2017

Netflix partners with Airtel, Vodafone and Videocon d2h in India

Popular video streaming service Netflix announced three major strategic partnerships in India with Vodafone to enable carrier billing and with Airtel and Videocon for Direct to Home (DTH) services.

Under the partnership (w/ Airtel & Videocon), the Netflix app will be integrated into Airtel and Videocon's  set-top boxes, meaning users will be able to watch all the popular TV shows and movies on their TVs without the need of streaming devices like Chromecast, Apple TV or Smart TVs.

It's worth mentioning that Airtel DTH and Videocon dth users will have to be Netflix subscribers in-order to enjoy the services. Moreover, Airtel and Videocon set-top box will need to require an Ethernet or WiFi connection to connect to the internet and accessing a curated set off apps including Netflix.

Videocon is also said to be testing its new set-top boxes that will come pre-installed with Netflix app. It will also add a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control of its HD Smart Connect set-top box.

Lastly, Netflix's partnership with Vodafone will enable, the teleco's prepaid and postpaid customer to pay for their Netflix subscription via monthly bill or prepaid balance. Prior to this, subscriber could sign up for the subscription only through a credit or debit card. With carrier billing as a payment option, Netflix could expand their user base. 


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