Monday, 24 April 2017

Vodafone India launches unlimited roaming plans for US, UAE and Singapore

Vodafone has announced new international roaming packs  called i-Roam FREE for travellers to the USA, UAE and Singapore. The pack also offers home-like tariffs while roaming in 47 countries of the globe. Customers opting for i-Roam FREE pack will not be charged a single penny for calls and data while traveling to these three countries says Vodafone. 

For USA, UAE and Singapore, the Vodafone i-Roam FREE packs comes with different validity and price points with options of Rs. 500 for 24 hours, Rs. 2,500 for seven days, Rs. 3,500 for 10 days and Rs. 5,000 for 30 days. These packs gives unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and high-speed unlimited data.

In countries other than the USA, UAE and Singapore, these plans offer free incoming calls, while data usage will be charged at Rs. 1 per MB, and outgoing calls at Rs. 1 per minute.

There's also a flexible option available for frequent travelers, wherein, one can activate Vodafone i-Road FREE packs once, and automatically get the benefits whether they travel in any of the 47 countries at Rs. 500 for every 24-hour window of usage.

According to Vodafone, the i-Roam FREE international packs "eliminates the need and hassle of changing SIM cards when traveling abroad and customers can now freely use their local number seamlessly without worrying about any bill shocks or expensive charges."

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