Thursday, 4 May 2017

Xiaomi India launches e-waste take-back and recycling service

Xiaomi India in partnership with TES-AMM is launching a new e-waste take-back & recycling service for End of life products, which are no longer operational, that include products like smartphones, tablets, laptops, power banks, speakers, headphones, chargers, etc.

The recycling process is being undertaken by TES-AMM, who will pick up e-waste from your location within 15 days, after you fill the e-waste take back form on Xiaomi's website. You can even drop the e-waste at any of Xiaomi's service centre.

Xiaomi says users don't have to pay any fee to recycle products. But as an added bonus, it will offer a discount coupon worth Rs. 100, to users who recycle e-waste. The discount cupon can be used on the company's online store, and is applicable on minimum purchase value of Rs. ,1000 only on accessories.

This is an extremely positive and eco-frendly step taken by Xiaomi to save the environment from e-waste, which is considered to be a serious environment issue around the world, and fastest growing waste stream in the planet.

Xiaomi has also released a video showing how the recycling process takes place.


  1. You writing well but not enough. I found another blog where I getting enough information information about e-waste. this is the blog link. Wish you guys like it

    1. I really liked it. Thank You for sharing.