Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Samsung will reportedly launch Galaxy Note7 FE (Fandom Edition) on July 7

The Galaxy Note7 fiasco was one of the most shameful incidence (caught fire while charging) for Samsung, which resulted in three million  Note7 being recalled and the device was permanently discontinued. However, the South Korean tech giant confirmed that it will sell some of the returned Galaxy Note 7 units as refurbished device, but a launch date was not revealed.

Now according to Wall Street Journal, the refurbished Galaxy Note7 will be called Galaxy Note7 FE (Fandom Edition), and will release in home market of South Korea on July 7. Apart from home market, it will also be released in select countries, but will not get a US release.

The report says that Samsung Galaxy Note7 FE will have different components than the orginal one. Although the report didn't mention what this component is, it is most likely to be the battery. Earlier reports have suggested that Galaxy Note7 FE will come with a lower capcity battery of 3200mAh, as compared to 3500mAh battery found on the defected Galaxy Note7.

Samsung is expected to out at least 400,000 refurbished Galaxy Note7 spread across three major South Korean telecom operators, and according to WSJ cost less than 700,000 South Korean Won, which roughly translates to $613 or Rs. 40,000. 


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