Thursday, 28 July 2016

HERE Maps is now HERE WeGo, gets improved navigation, new features and refreshed design

HERE Maps app for Android and iOS is now rebranded as HERE WeGo. The name change will come into effect with the latest update and also includes refreshed design with new features and improvements.

In the new HERE WeGo app, the 'find a route' button has been removed for the bottom on the screen, instead now you'll see 'Where to?' instruction, in the search box, in which you will have to enter the destination. Next you'll have to choose between different modes of transport.

The most numbers of changes are made to the Route Comparison screen, with a new transport option. Now, in addition to car, public transit, cycling and pedestrian options, you'll see new options from car-sharing firm Car2Go in select cities, where the firm operates. HERE WeGo will also offer taxi information for your route in select cities including approximate fare, wait time and call button. 

Bicycle routing has been improved with elevation profile so you can judge available routes by the effort required to reach the required destinations. Lastly the app gets lighter colored background for improved readability and new icons.

To recall, Here WeGo (formerly Here Maps) was owned and developed by Nokia, but was acquired by three German carmakers: Audi, BMW and Mecedes for $3.1 billion last year. Currently Here WeGo offers detailed public transport maps and direction for over 1,300 cities world-wide. 


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