Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bloomberg: Next iPhone will have dual rear cameras, pressure sensitive home button

Apple's upcoming 2016 iPhones have been part of several rumors since the beginning this year. So far rumors have pointed out that the upcoming iPhones will have slim design, ditch headphone jack, dual rear cameras (Plus model) and more. Now a new report by Bloomberg sheds light on some of these rumors.

According to Bloomberg the next iPhone will likely include a major upgrade to the camera department. The standout feature of this year's iPhone is the dual-camera setup on the back. This setup will be capable of snapping brighter photos with more details, and deliver sharper photos in low-light conditions. Both camera can capture a photo at the same time, than merge into one image.

The report also says that the upcoming iPhones will have re-engineered home buttons, that will be able to read different types of inputs. The home button "will provide feedback to the user via a vibrating haptic sensation rather than a true physical click". The functionality is similar to that of trackpads on Apple's latest MacBooks.

Other change expected on the next iPhone is the removal of headphone jack in favor of  connectivity via Lightning port and Bluetooth. The removal of 3.5mm headphone jack will make room for a second speaker.

Lastly, the report mentions that Apple is saving its major overhaul of the iPhone for 2017, when iPhone celebrates its 10th anniversary.

As with previous years, Apple is likely to unveil the next iPhone in September.

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