Friday, 16 September 2016

New Galaxy Note7 units will reportedly have green battery indicators; US Replacement date set for September 21

Samsung recalled Galaxy Note7 following several reports of phone's battery exploding while charging, and is expected to soon start replacing the recalled Galaxy Note7 units in several market. The company recently revealed that the replaced Galaxy Note7 units will come in a new retail box, which will have a white sticker with blue letter ‘S’ to indicate it is safe to use.

Now according a report, the new Galaxy Note7 units will also have a green battery indicator icon in its UI instead of white to differentiate faulty units with new ones. Currently, it is not known if the green battery indicator will be available on worldwide Galaxy Note7 units, or will be limited to South Korea.

The report also says that, Samsung has already started shipping new Galaxy Note units to distributors and stores in its home country South Korea, and those with faulty units will be able to replace their phone on September 19.

Some analysts in South Korea are suggesting that the new batches of Galaxy Note7 will be called as Galaxy Note 7S, with the S standing for safety to avoid customer confusion. The report further adds that Samsung has produced a total of 2.5 million units of Galaxy Note 7 before the recall, but only 400,000 of them were sold to consumers. Samsung will have enough in stock by end of next week to replace all of them.

Just a few days back, a report surfaced claiming that Samsung is working on an update for the Galaxy Note7 still in use which limits the battery charging to 60 percent to prevent over heating.. The update will reportedly roll out on September 20.

Meanwhile in related news, in the U.S, Samsung will start replacing the Galaxy Note 7 from September 21. Through the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program, you can:
  1. Exchange your current Galaxy Note7 device with a new Galaxy Note7 as approved by the CPSC available no later than September 21, 2016; or
  2. Exchange your current Galaxy Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and replacement of any Note7 specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between devices; or
  3. Contact your point of purchase to obtain a refund.
Customers who exchange their Note7 will also receive a $25 gift card, in-store credit, in-store accessory credit or bill credit from select carrier retail outlets.

As for India, the Galaxy Note7 sales were suspended due to the exploding battery issue. According to reports, Samsung is expected to begin Galaxy Note7 sales and deliver it to customers by end of this month. For those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note7, Samsung is bundling the new Gear VR headset  and free VR content worth Rs. 3,000. 

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