Friday, 16 September 2016

Amazon India launches exclusive store for used and refurbished smartphones

Amazon India has launched a seperate exclusive online store for refurbished and used phones within its website.

The refurbished and used phones store are divided into three categories: Like-New, Good and Acceptable, and may come with up to six-months seller warranty. The phones in Like-New and Good categories will come with their accessories as well such as data cable, headphone and more, but the Acceptable category phones may or may not come with accessories.

The Like-New category phones are in perfect working condition, and don't have any scratches or cracked display. The Good category phone may have some scratches or dents, but the display is in good condition.  The Acceptable category phone may have scratches or dents as well as cracked accessories. 

As for the refurbished smartphone Amazon India says, they are professionally restored to work perfectly and have no scratches, dents or cracked display. More over, they are also backed by a minimum six month manufacturer warranty and also includes accessories.

Currently, Amazon's Refurbished & Used Mobile store have listed a number of devices, ranging from budget to flagship offering. Some of the notable refurbished phones listed include OnePlus 3 at Rs. 24,999 (regular price 27,999) and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at Rs. 43,940 (regular price Rs. 50,900).

You can check out Amazon’s Used & Refurbished Mobiles Store for more details

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