Wednesday, 28 September 2016

YouTube Go is a new app for viewing and sharing videos offline

Google has introduced new YouTube app called YouTube Go in India, which will offer offline video viewing and sharing. The app is aimed at Indian users and is designed to be offline first and work even when there is poor or no connectivity.

With YouTube Go you can load and play YouTube video seamless across various connectivity situations and gives you transparency and control over mobile data consumption. You can preview the video first and then choose video's file size/ resolution before you save it for offline viewing.

The app also offers a feature called offline video sharing, that allows users to share videos without a working data connection. For this the app creates a Wi-Fi connectivity between devices (same as ShareIt) to ensure fast and seamless transfer of videos, without requiring any data.

You can (Indian users) sign up now to test YouTube Go, but there's no word when the app will formally release. In 2014, YouTube got offline mode, that allowed users to download videos to watch where there was not connectivity, and earlier this year received Smart offline feature, which lets users to schedule download at night, to take advantage of cheaper night data rates.

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