Wednesday, 28 December 2016

LG intros TONE Studio wearable speakers and TONE Free wireless earbuds

After introducing the futuristic looking levitating Bluetooth speaker, LG has expanded its range of audio products with a pair of new wireless audio wearable devices ― TONE Studio wearable speakers (HBS-W120) and TONE Free earphones (HBS-F110).

The LG TONE Studio wearable speaker is capable of delivering amazing 3D surround sound thanks to the four speakers setup that is built into the wearable– two on top and two vibrating on the bottom – to offer users with surround sound experience when watching movie, streaming music or while playing video game. The sound have been designed in collaboration with surround experts at DTS to provide realistic theater-like sound for a cinematic experience.

It features Hi-Fi DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) promising enhanced sound quality by recreating audio content as accurately as possible, says LG. Additionally, it also feature Dual Play functionality, which lets you connect two LG TONE Studio wearable speakers and share the sound from  audio or video playback.

The LG TONE Free earphone on the other is a pair of wireless earbuds and is accompanied by a neckband, where you can securely place the earbuds when they are note in use. The neckband provides vibration alerts for incoming calls and text messages for hands-free experience.

In addition the neckband can also be used to charge the earbuds, when they are docked, making them easy to carry. There's also an optional charging cradle which offers more juice at times when the neckband might not be convenient.

Details like battery life in offer, pricing and availability were not disclosed. LG will showcase TONE Studio and TONE Free wearable devices along with couple other Bluetooth headset at CES 2017 from January 5 to January 8 in Las Vegas. 


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