Friday, 23 December 2016

Pokémon Go arrives on Apple Watch

The most popular mobile game of the year, Pokémon Go is now available for Apple Watch. You can now start searching for Pokemon or hatch Pokémon eggs right from your wrist  using the Apple Watch. However, you'll need an iPhone to catch the cute creatures.

Using the Apple Watch you can only discover nearby Pokémon and collect items from PokeStops. And once you encounter a Pokémon, you'll get a notification and you'll have to catch the creatures from your iPhone.

Pokémon Go for Apple Watch will show how far a player need to walk to hatch eggs, and experience points required to reach next level. It can also log your gameplay as workout by taking advantage of Apple Watch's fitness tracking capabilities to show player how far they have walked and number of calories burned while playing the game.

Here’s what Pokémon Go will let you do, according to Niantic:
  • Log each play session as a workout, with gameplay counting toward personal activity rings
  • Receive notifications about nearby pokémon
  • Count distance toward hatching pokémon eggs and receiving candy with your buddy pokémon
  • Receive notifications about pokéStops nearby and collect items from them
  • Receive notifications when eggs hatch and medals are awarded

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