Monday, 17 April 2017

Google Photos will now stabilize shaky videos on Android

Google is updating its Google Photos app with a new handy feature called video stabilization. The new feature will let you stabilize shaky videos or reduce blur in the video that you have captured using your smartphone. The process will happen locally within the Google Photos app.

To access the video stabilization feature, you'll have to go the Videos tab on the Albums page. Then, open a video, and tap on the edit icon (at the bottom) which will show 'Rotate' and the new "Stabilization" option.

Tapping on the stabilization option, will start processing the video to make it less shaky. Also a progress bar will appear, that will show you the stabilization progress. Once the process is finished, the Stabilize button will change to "Stabilized" and will turn blue. It's worth mentioning that the process will take time depending on the device, length and quality of the video.

The Stabilization feature is available in the Google Photos app v2.13. It is currently available for Android and it is unknown, if Google plans to roll out the feature to iOS.

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