Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Essential Home is a compact smart home speaker with a display

Besides the Essential Phone, Andy Rubin's new venture Essential Products also introduced Essential Home, a smart speaker, which will compete against the market leaders Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The Essential Home is a compact-sized intelligent speaker, that works as a hub for smart home device. It comes with an always-on round touchscreen display that automatically adjusts according to your home's lighting condition. It can be controlled through both touch and voice, and can be used to get information from the web, set reminders, control light, play music and more. You can even glance at the device to activate it.

It runs Ambient OS, proprietary operating system, which according to Essential puts privacy first, and even lets you set custom actions for different activities. 

Moreover, the device doesn't rely on cloud to perform local functions, instead, it stores data locally, giving users more control over their privacy, and communicates directly with the connected device. Essential says Essential Home is designed "to run most things on the device itself, so most data stays in your home where it belongs."

There's no word on the launch date or price.

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