Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Google makes it easier to read pages offline in Chrome for Android

Google is updating Chrome for Android, adding new tools, that will make it much easier to download webpages for offline viewing/reading. The offline feature was introduced back in December, and Google says, over 45 million web pages are being downloaded each week.

Chrome users on Android can now long press on any link and select "Download link" to download the webpage. This option is also available when users press on an article suggestion on the new tab page as well. 

In addition there's a new "Download Page Later" option, which will appear if you visit a webpage, but you are offline (when offline dinosaur appears). Tapping on the option will automatically download the page, and can be viewed when you get back online.

Google is also making it easier to view the page, you have previously downloaded for offline reading. Now when you open a new tab, you'll see the downloaded articles, tagged with a new offline badge. Also, the page will show the list of your recent downloads for easy access.

These features are available on the latest version of Chrome for Android, and is expected to be available on Chrome on iOS soon. 

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