Monday, 1 May 2017

WhatsApp now lets you pin three chats to the top of your conversation list

WhatsApp is making it easy to access important groups or chats quickly, by adding a new feature called "Pin on Top" giving users the  ability to pin chats, groups on the top of conversations list

The new feature is currently available for WhatsApp Android beta (v2.17.162/2.17.163) and gives you the ability to pin only three chats/groups, you want to see right on the top, when you open WhatsApp. 

To pin a chat/group to the top, you just have to tap hold on the chat, and you'll now see a pin icon right on top next to the delete, mute and archive icon. Tap on the pin option, and the chat will move right on top. As mentioned earlier, you can pin a maximum of three chats on top. To unpin a chat, long press on the chat, and you'' see that option to unpin on the top.

The "Pin on Top" feature will soon roll out to the public, for all platforms on which WhatsApp is available.


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