Monday, 5 June 2017

OnePlus drops software support for OnePlus 2, no Android Nougat

OnePlus has been regularly pushing software update to the OnePlus 3 & 3T both beta and final build. It even recently confirmed Android O for both the devices. However even though it promised Android Nougat for the OnePlus 2, it has been silent about a roll out time frame.

Now there's disappointing news for OnePlus 2 owners, as OnePlus has dropped plans to release the update to the 2015 flagship. Unfortunate for users, they will have to settle for Android Marshmallow, even though Nougat was promised.

In a response to OnePlus 2 owner on requesting details about Nougat update, OnePlus support said that the company has discontinued major updates for the OnePlus 2. 

“Thank you for reaching OnePlus Customer support.This is Alex from OnePlus. We greatly appreciate your time and effort in reaching out to us. Your concern is of utmost importance, and I will be helping you out with your ticket. As much as we would like to give the latest update on the OnePlus 2, we’ve discontinued updates for dated devices. But we will continue to support the limited warranty for current users and provide updates and support the best way we can even for OnePlus 2 users.” 

This also means that the OnePlus X will also not get Nougat or any other software update, because it has somewhat similar hardware as OnePlus 2 and was launched in the same year. 

The end of software development for the device will make many OnePlus 2 and OnePlus owners unhappy.

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