Monday, 17 July 2017

WhatsApp for iPhone gets pinned chat, support for all file types

WhatsApp for iPhone is getting a couple of new features, that were recently introduced in its Android app. The new WhatsApp v2.17.40 bring new features like ability to pin chats on top, share any type of files and more.

The pinned chat feature was first introduced in May, for WhatsApp's Android app. Users can now pin up to three important chats or groups at the top of the chat screen to access them easily. To pin a chat or group to the top, you just have to tap hold on the chat, and you'll now see a pin icon right on top next to the delete, mute and archive icon. Tap on the pin option, and the chat will move right on top.

Once pinned the conversation will stay on top of the list even if you get new messages from other users. To unpin a chat, long press on the chat, and you' see that option to unpin on the top.

Moving on, earlier you could only share image video, audio files as well as PDF, Word documents, Excel sheets, Power Point slides and location. But now you can share just about any file types you want including APKs and ZIP, given that the file size is under 128MB. Also you can share photo or videos without being compressed.

WhatsApp added the ability to send or receive multiple photos or videos grouped in a single album in a conversation last month for iPhone. This feature is getting a tweak. The update also brings the option of quickly forwarding or deleting photos received in a bundle. Now when users get multiple photos  (thumbnail gallery), you can tap and hold the group of photos and choose to either forward them or delete them all.

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