Friday, 4 August 2017

Lenovo is ditching Vibe Pure UI skin, future phones will ship with Stock Android

One of the main highlight of Motorola smartphone is its software experience. It runs near stock Android, and has no bloatware. Now parent company Lenovo is following suit.

The company has confirmed that going forward it is ditching the Vibe Pure UI Android skin for its smartphone and switching to stock Android. What this means is much like Motorola phones, Lenovo will not add any user interface customization and bloatware over Android on its devices. However some software enhancements like Dolby Atmos and TheatreMax will be part of the software. 

The upcoming K8 Note will be Lenovo's first smart phone to run Android 7.1.1.  A Lenovo official said the move was motivated by customer feed back.

To recall, Lenovo started selling smartphones in India back in 2013, and the devices ran Android with Vibe UI on top. However, last year it re-branded the skin as Vibe Pure UI, which offered almost stock Android experience with customizable launcher and less bloatware, and shipped with K6 Power, K6 Note and K5 Plus.

We already know that Motorola is handling Android updates well, but Lenovo is lagging far behind. The benefits of running stock Android is that Lenovo will be able to push regular software update to its devices, when it's made available by Google. This also means that the K8 Note is most likely to get updated to Android O. The company also assures that moving forward, all K series devices will receive Android O.

Speaking of Lenovo K8 Note, it will break cover on August 9.

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