Monday, 8 August 2016

HP's Powerup Backpack can recharge your laptop while you carry it around

HP has a new backpack that will put an end to your charging woes. Dubbed Powerup Backpack, it looks your standard everyday backpack on the outside, but what's inside really makes it interesting.

The HP Powerup backpack packs a massive 22400mAh battery that charge three devices at the same time including a laptop (up to 17.3-inches), smartphones (up to 10 times) and tablets (up to 3 times).

The backpack features ventilated pockets, heat sensor and regulators to monitor and maintain the temperature of your device to ensure they don't heat up. The bag is water resistant and has its own raincoat for protection.

The Powerup backpack is rated at 84 watt-hours which should not be an issue if you are carrying it on a flight. However keep in mind, different countries have different regulations with regards to high capacity batteries and it can raise some issues.

The HP Powerup Backpack is priced at $200 (Rs. 13,400) and will be available for purchase starting October 1 via Amazon (U.S). It ships with two micro USB cables and HP laptop charging cable. 


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