Monday, 16 January 2017

Airtel mobile network's dual-carrier technology upgrade will deliver 4G like speeds on 3G

In a bid to boost data speeds, Airtel has upgraded its mobile network in Delhi NCR with Dual Carrier technology, promising 4G like speeds on 3G. This upgrade is part of Airtel's ongoing network transformation process called Project Leap.

As part of the network upgrade, Airtel has deployed state of the art 'Dual Carrier' technology to combine spectrum capacities of two 5MHz carriers in the 2100 MHz band.

Dual Carrier technology basically boosts network capacity to deliver superior mobile experience in the form of faster data speeds, better voice quality and improved outdoor and indoor network coverage. Moreover, due to network optimization on smartphones, users will also be able to enjoy more battery life.

With Dual-Carrier technology Airtel claims that it will be able to deliver 4G like data speeds on its 3G networks. This means, customers can enjoy 4G speeds even if they have a 3G handset, and don't need to upgrade to 4G handset to get higher speeds. However, there is no mention of maximum speed that can be achieved. 

Currently only the mobile network of Delhi-NCR region has been upgraded, and we can expect other circles' mobile network to get Dual Carrier technology in the coming weeks. 


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