Thursday, 12 January 2017

Latest WhatsApp Android beta brings GIF search, media sharing limit raised to 30

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp will soon get some new features like GIF search support to make it more engaging. The new feature is currently available only in WhatsApp for Android beta and lets users search different types of GIF within the app.

WhatsApp already had support for GIF but it was limited to sharing GIFs saved on your devices, but now you can search and send GIFs  directly from the app.

If you're on WhatApp for Android beta version 2.17.6, you'll now see a GIF icon next to the emoticon icon on bottom of the screen, when you tap the emoji button. You'll be able to choose GIF's from the list of popular GIFs or search through Giphy/Tenor for a keyword, and use them in conversations. You can even add a caption to it.

It's worth mentioning that not all users are seeing GIPHY GIFs, as some users are getting TENOR GIF search.

Apart from GIF search support, WhatsApp has also increased the media sharing limit to 30. This means you can now share up to 30 image files simultaneously. Previously, you could only send 10 photos on WhatsApp.

The new features should be available for the stable version of WhatsApp soon. 


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