Thursday, 26 January 2017

Netflix gets SD card support on Android for offline downloads

Netflix announced offline download feature for its app last year, allowing users to download and keep select TV shows and movies on their device for offline viewing. However, it missed one main feature, the ability to store downloaded content to SD card. 

But Now Netflix has updated its app, adding SD card support to its download feature. Now you'll be able to download TV and movie shows directly to the microSD card.

To save the contents on the SD card simply go to Settings menus and select SD Card as download location and you're good to go. This feature will come in handy for users who use smartphones with less native storage (4GB, 8GB, 16GB).

Netflix services was launched in India in January last year and the offline download feature was added in November. The feature is useful in countries like India, where Internet connectivity is poor. Moreover this feature also makes it convenient for users to watch their favorite contents while traveling.

The offline download feature was already available in another popular streaming service, Amazon Prime Video at launch, which is giving tough competition to Netflix in India.

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