Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Samsung to reportedly sell refurbished Galaxy Note7 with smaller battery

Samsung permanently discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 due to battery issues that caused the phone to catch fire. Now according to a new report, the South Korean tech giant plans to sell refurbished models of Galaxy Note7. 

Korean publication Hankyung, suggests that Samsung will sell refurbished Galaxy Note7 to minimize profit damage and avoid environmental costs. The company has recovered 98 percent of the 3.16 million units of Galaxy Note7 sold so far. The company has 2.5 million units left in stock after using 20,000 units for identifying the issue that caused the fire.

The refurbished units will have new cases and pack smaller battery ranging between 3000 and 3200mAh than the original 3500mAh battery. The report also says that Samsung will most likely sell refurbished Galaxy Note7 in India, Vietnam and other emerging markets, and also considers selling them in home market South Korea ahead of Galaxy Note8 launch.

Samsung is said to finish refurbishing Galaxy Note7 by May and start selling the phones as early as June. 


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