Sunday, 26 March 2017

Google fixes Bluetooth connectivity issue on Pixel phones

Ever since its launch, Google's Pixel phones have been plagued with many issues like audio failure, LTE connectivity issues, and the most recent Bluetooth issue.

The Bluetooth issue first hit the devices in February after the security patch update for that month, which caused the Bluetooth to switch off and on, on its own when connected to other devices. The
 company acknowledged the problem soon and even said that they are aware of the issue and had fixed it, and would roll out the fix to the problem "in an upcoming release".

Now Google is rolling out a server-side update that will fix the Bluetooth connectivity issue, which will arrive to your Pixel phones through Google Plya Services update. The update will be automatically installed in the background for Google Play services and there is no action required from the user's end.

Google's Pixel phone users are facing one other issue as well, which is related to the microphone. For some users, the microphone completely failed to work, while for others it works with the camera app while recording video. The company said that it is aware of the issue and confirmed that it is a hardware related issue, and that a software update will not fix it. Instead Google suggests that a replacement under warranty is the fastest way to solve the problem.

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