Saturday, 8 April 2017

Report: Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will get a minor refresh with Kaby Lake

It's been a year and a half since Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 tablet released in the market, so it is due for an upgrade in the form of Surface Pro 5.

According to a new report, there's "nothing dramatic" about the new Surface Pro 5 compared to its predecessor, meaning it will get a minor refresh. Even the design is expected to be same as the current Surface Pro 4.

The only big change coming to the Surface Pro 5 is the chip, which will be Intel's seventh-generation Kaby Lake 14nm processor. For reference the Surface Pro 4 utilized Intel's Skylake processors. With Kaby Lake upgrade, the Surface 5 Pro should be speedier than its predecessor, and capable of handling more tasks and should get improved battery as well.

The report also says that Surface Pro 5 will retain the Surface Connect power connector, and will not move to USB Type-C port, which are being used on most of the current devices. Also it will be compatible with existing Surface Pro 3and Surface Pro accessories like the desktop docking station and Type Cover Keyboards.

Microsoft is expected to hold a Surface hardware event in the coming weeks, at which the Surface Pro 5 is most likely to be announced. Apart from Surface Pro 5, the Surface Book is also due for its hardware upgrade. 

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