Friday, 2 June 2017

Qualcomm's new Quick Charge 4+ is faster and more efficient than Quick Charge 4.0

Qualcomm has introduced its latest fast charging technology for high-end smartphones dubbed Quick Charge 4+. It is a follow up to the Quick Charge 4 technology, that was introduced in November 2016, and boasts all the benefits, alongside three new enhancements: more powerful Dual Charge, Intelligent thermal balance and advanced safety.
  • Dual Charge: already an option in earlier versions, but now more powerful, Dual Charge includes a second power management IC in the device. Charging a device via Dual Charge divides the charge current, allowing for lower thermal dissipation and reduced charge time 
  • Intelligent Thermal Balancing: a further enhancement to Dual Charge, intelligent thermal balancing is engineered to move current via the coolest path autonomously, eliminating hot spots for optimized power delivery 
  • Advanced Safety Features: Quick Charge 4 already includes rigorous built-in safety protocols. Quick Charge 4+ goes one step further and is designed to monitor both the case and connector temperature levels simultaneously. This extra layer of protection helps ward against overheating and short-circuit or damage to the Type-C connector.
With all these enhancements Quick Charge 4+ fast charging technology is up to 15 percent faster, up to 30 percent more efficient and up to 3°C cooler than Quick Charge 4.0.

Quick Charge 4+ certified accessories will provide backward compatibility, which means they will work with the older Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0-enabled devices.

Qualcomm says manufacturer meeting the device or accessory requirements can use the 4+ designation on their products. The first device to include Quick Charge 4+ support is the Nubia Z17.


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