Thursday, 22 June 2017

Snapchat's Snap Map shows you where your friends are

Snapchat is adding a new location-sharing feature to its platform called Snap Maps, that will show where your friends are Snapchatting from. The feature also allows users to share their locations with each other as well.

To get started, you just have to pinch your home screen to zoom in to bring up Snap Map view. If you're friends are sharing their locations with you, their Actionmoji will appear on the Map.  Actionmojis only update when you open Snapchat. And when you tap on your friends Actionemoji, you'll be taken to their latest story.

There's also heat zones in the Snap Map to show where lots of activity is happening. You can even chosse not to share your location with friends or a select friend by turning on Ghost Mode, and Snapchat will stop collecting location data.

The new Snap Map feature is now available on iOS devices, and will roll out to Android soon.

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