Friday, 21 August 2015

Google introduces the $200 'OnHub' Smart Wi-Fi Router

Google launched a new WiFi router called OnHub, its latest IoT (Internet of Things) device It is a cylindrical-shaped router and can also function as a smart home hub which can connect to other home appliances. According to Google, OnHub's circular design will allow the router have better coverage in a house.

The router comes with 13 antenna (six 2.4GHz antennas, six 5GHz antennas and a congestion-sensing antenna) that will automatically scan the airwaves to spot the fastest connection. User can prioritise a device for data heavy activities such as downloading content or steaming movies.

OnHub router is powered by Qualcomm chip with 1GB RAM and 4GB storage. It will be automatically updated with new features and security updates. It offers connectivity options such as Bluetooth Smart Ready and Weave. The router connects to Android and iOS devices via Google's On app to run network checks and keep track of bandwidth use.

Google has partnered with TP-LINK to manufacture the router. Google will also partner with Asus soon to launch OnHub devices in the future.

Google's OnHub costs 200 (Rs. 13,000) and is up for pre-order via Play Store, TP-LINK store, Walmart and Amazon in the U.S.


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