Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Dell Canvas is a 27-inch work surface for creative professionals

Dell at CES 2017 unveiled it's version of Microsoft's Surface Studio AIO PC called Canvas, however Microsoft has no reason to worry about it.

The Dell Canvas is a "horizontal smart workspace" aimed at creative professionals with a big 27-inch screen that can be used at an angle (adjusting via kickstand) or lay flat on desk and can be used for drawing, sketching, editing music & videos and more. Similar to Surface Studio, Dell's Canvas ships with a pen and Totem, which looks and functions like Surface Dial.

But the similarities stops there. The Canvas is not a full-fledged PC, as it does not have a CPU at its core, but it is a huge screen that can be used with any Windows 10  PC. This means the Canvas acts as a touchscreen board for drawing, sketching, editing videos, while a Windows 10 device connected to a secondary display (monitor) will show the progress or result.

The 27-inch touch screen bears a Quad HD (2560 x 1400 pixels) resolution with very slim bezels and 100 percent color gamut. It supports pen input and houses 2 x USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C port. It also works with software solutions like Adobe, Autodesk, AVID, Dassault Systems, and SolidWorks.

The Dell Canvas is priced at $1800, which is half the price tag of Microsoft's Surface Studio. It will be up for pre-order in March and will start shipping in April.

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