Thursday, 5 January 2017

ZTE's crowdsourced phone is called Hawkeye, comes with eye-tracking and self-adhesive features

Alongside the dual-camera totting Blade V8 Pro, ZTE also unveiled the Hawkeye, a crowd sourced smartphone on Kickstarter, which boasts unique features like eye-tracking technology and self-adhesive properties. The Hawkeye is part of the ZTE's Project CSX, the company's attempt to crowdsource ideas for successful products.

The ZTE Hawkeye allows users to scroll pages and images in the gallery using eye tracking. This is done by translating the eye movements into gestures.It also comes with an optional case with self-adhesive back panel which allows the phone to stick on vertical surfaces (wall, mirror) to be hands free.

It's worth mentioning that Hawkeye is a concept phone and the final release could be something else. The unique features are also work in progress.

As for the specifications, ZTE says that the final release of Hawkeye will include 5.5-inch Full HD display, fingerprint scanner, Hi-Fi audio, dual-SIM slots, expandable storage and fast charging capabilities. It will ship with Android Nougat.

The ZTE Hawkeye can be ordered from Kickstarter for $199 (Rs. 13,500), and is expected to start shipping in September 2017.

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