Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Misfit Flare is a $60 fitness tracker with a simple look and up to four months battery life

Fossil owned fitness wearable brand Misfit has introduced a new affordable and simple fitness tracker called the Flare.

Just like Misfit's other fitness trackers, the Flare can automatically track steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality (light and restful sleep). It can also track activities such as running, walking, yoga, swimming, soccer, basketball, tennis and more. All the data collected is fed into the Misfit app available for Android and iOS.

The Flare's tracking module sports an aluminum case with capacitve touch sensor (or smart button) and a single LED light at the centre beneath a crystal face. It also includes a sleek black silicone strap.

Double tapping the smart button will let you check daily progress. The LED light shows activity progress, goal tracking and lap count. One light will indicate 25% of your goal, two will mark 50% and three is 75%. 

The smart button can also also customized for different actions such as play music, take selfie, connect to household smart devices and make your phone ring when the Flare is connected to the Misfit Link app on the smartphone. 

The fitness tracker is also waterproof for up to 50 meters thanks to 5ATM rating, making it useful for swimmers. Swimmers can use the  fitness tracker to count swim laps and track swim distance for 25 and 50 meter pools, and count down a set swim time. (one-time $9.99 updgrade required within misfit app). 

It also doesn't require charging as it uses a replaceable coin battery that lasts up to four months.

The Misfit Flare is priced at $59.99 (Rs. 4,000) and is now available from misfit's website.

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