Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Boltt's AI-powered stride sensor, fitness trackers launches in India, now available for pre-order

India based wearable fitness tech startup, Boltt Sports technologies  has launched its AI-powered ecosystem bundled with hardware, ranging from the stride sensor, fitness tracker to AI enabled Coach B in the first phase. In the following phase, the brand’s smart shoes will be available to buy.

The company has kicked off a pre-order campaign for these products, which will allow interested customers to order's Boltt's line of wearables at an early bird pricing.

For early birds, the Boltt fitness tracker is priced at Rs. 1,359, the Stride Sensor at Rs. 1,999 and the Boltt health and fitness app at Rs. 400. Shipping begins in August. After the pre-order campaign, these wearable will be also be available on e-commerce stores like Amazon India.

As for the products, Boltt's AI fitness coach is an app that has text and voice coach integrated, and activates, when any of the brand's fitness devices are connected to the app. The app offers actionable or implementable insights based on data collected from the fitness devices. The Bolt app can be integrated with over 30 Android and iOS apps.

Boltt's fitness trackers are designed to detect physical activities and provides reminders for longer duration of sedentary routines. They will be available in a number of chic colors with interchangeable straps. When paired with Boltt's app, the fitness tracker becomes a user's personalized fitness guide, that coaches them on sleep, nutrition, activities, and running. 

The stride sensor is a small advance sensor that can transform any ordinary shoe into 'smart shoe'. From analyzing the user’s motion & cadence to sensing individual stride & pace, it is made to act like a user’s kinematic running database.

The connected sneakers are powered by Boltt Audio AI coach, and are equipped with sensors that track bio-mechanical data of the wearer's physical activities throughout the day.

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