Thursday 28 December 2017

LG starts beta testing Oreo for G6 (China)

LG just rolled out official Oreo update to the V30 in in its home market South Korea. And now it has started beta testing Oreo for the Snapdragon 821 powered LG G6. To remind you, the LG G6 was launched with Android Nougat on-board.

The beta testing is currently taking place in China, and a user has shared some screenshots of G6 running Oreo. The screenshot shows Oreo's features such as reworked app shortcuts, adaptive app icons, ability to snooze notifications from individual apps and more. You can check the screenshots by hitting the source link.

The software version for the 8.0 Oreo beta is V19A and supported models include the LGM-G600L, LGM-G600S, LGM-G600K, LGM-G600LR, LGM-G600SR, LGM-G600KR, LGM-G600LP, LGM-G600SP, and LGM-G600KP.

However, it is not clear if LG will expand the beta test to other countries before the public release, or directly update the G6 to official Oreo. 

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