Thursday, 28 December 2017

Netflix joins hands with WhatsApp in India; to recommend shows to WhatsApp users

Popular services Netflix and WhatsApp are planning for an enterprise level partnership, under which Netflix will send content recommendation to its subscribers on WhatsApp. The feature is being tested with a few users in India.

This was first reported by Killer Features, and was later confirmed by Gadgets360 as well. Also the publication has shared a screenshot showing the upcoming integration.

As you can see in the screenshot, the new opt-in feature requires Netflix subscribers to have a WhatsApp account to enable notifications. In case they opt for "I'M IN" Netflix will send account messages and suggestion on what to watch to the registered WhatsApp number. It is not known what other solution will be shared, but we can expect Netflix to share details about upcoming TV shows/movies, timings and send reminders as well.

Netflix's partnership with WhatsApp leverages the latter's business platform that was introduced in September to monetize the instant messaging service.  This is not first of the kind partnership. Earlier WhatsApp teamed up with BookMyShow and Goibibo for sending the confirmation of ticket on WhatsApp.

For WhatsApp India is the most important market, where it has over 200 million users as of February 2017, and the number likely to be doubled by the end of this year. In April WhatsApp affirmed that India will play a crucial role in boosting its business model.


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