Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Vodafone India launches FLEX; combines voice, data, SMS into individual packs

Vodafone has launched a new service called FLEX, a single recharge option for pre-paid customers, where they can use voice, data and SMS interchangeably on the same pack. They come with no pre-fixed quotas for voice, data or SMS, and offers flexibility to users to choose the service they want to use.

Each pack comes with a fixed amount of FLEX which will be deducted when a customer uses voice, data or SMS. One FLEX is deducted for 1MB of data (4G/ 3G/ 2G), 1 minute of incoming call on roaming or 1 SMS. Two FLEXs are deducted for a minute of local, outgoing or STD call or a minute of outgoing call on roaming. The idea here is instead of money, the FLEX amount will be deducted from user's prepaid balance.

It will be available in denominations ranging from Rs. 119 (325 Flex), Rs. 199 (700 Flex), Rs. 299 (1200 Flex) and Rs. 399 (1750 Flex). In case the FLEX amounts are over, you also get the option to top-up your plan using micro-Flex recharge that provides you 105 units of Flex for Rs. 42 or 138 units of Flex for Rs. 53. The validity will be same as the original pack.

According to Vodafone, FLEX customers can carry forward their unused FLEX, keep tab on their exact usage and enjoy savings of up to 25 percent, all this with a single recharge that is valid for 28 days.


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