Friday, 6 January 2017

Intel Compute Card is a credit card sized PC aimed at Internet of Things

Intel has been toying with the idea of making the PC compact for years. The company introduced NUC mini PCs measuring around 4.5" x 4.4" and went further smaller with the Intel Compute Stick, a first of its kind PC-on-Stick, measuring about 4" x  1.5".

Now the chipmaker is taking the form factor to the next level with a new PC that has a size of a credit card and can fit into your wallet. The Intel Compute Card measures about 3.7" x 2.2" and is 5mm (0.2-inches) thick. However, the Compute Card is not a consumer PC, instead aimed at developers looking to integrate a computer with Intel SoC into smart and connected devices.

Even though it has a small size, it includes all the components utilized by a full fledged PC including Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity with flexible I/O options. Due to its tiny form factor, the Compute Card can be used in future  devices like interactive refrigerators, and smart kiosks to security cameras and IoT gateways.

One of the advantage of Compute Card is that it can be easily repaired or replaced with the latest model when it arrives.

Intel says that it's working with partners including Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sharp "to bring this vision into reality".

Features of Intel Compute Card
  • Processor, memory, storage and wireless connectivity are all included in the card
  • Intel Compute Card-based device will provide the power, cooling and the optimized user I/O for that particularly solution
  • Connection to devices will be done via an Intel Compute Card slot with a new standard connector (USB-C plus extension)
  • USB-C plus extension connector will provide USB, PCIe, HDMI, DP and additionalsignals between the card and the device
  • 94.5 mm x 55 mm x 5 mm
The Intel Compute Card will be available in mid-2017 and will come with 7th gen Intel Core Kaby Lake processor options.

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