Friday, 3 February 2017

Next Sony PlayStation 4 update will add support for external drives

Sony's PlayStation 4 comes with just 500GB storage, which fills up very quickly, given the fact that games now a day weighs in at 40GB to 80GB in size. But Sony's upcoming software update for PlayStation 4 will fix this problem by adding support for external hard drive.

While the PS4 rival Xbox One already had support for external hard drive, to expand the storage and run games from it, PS4's only option to expand the storage was by replacing the internal drive with a larger capacity HDD which involved a lengthy process.

With, with the latest 4.50 software update codenamed Sasuke, you will have the option to store content on an external hard drive. Users will now be able to simply connect a USB 3.0 hard drive to the console and expand the storage. This is compatible with HDDs upto 8TB storage. The contents installed or stored on the external hard drive will show up in the Content Launcher of the Home Screen  alongside the contents on the internal drive.

The software update also brings new features like custom wallpaper letting users set their favorite in-game screenshot as background image of the home screen, tweaks to the Quick Menu, more simplified notifications and support to view 3D Blu-rays in virtual reality using PlayStation VR.

The update is now rolling out in beta to PS4 users who are signed up for PS4 beta program. As of now it is not known, when the final release will roll out to all users. 

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