Thursday, 30 March 2017

ACT Fibernet launches India’s first 1Gbps broadband service in Hyderabad

Bengaluru based telecommunications company ACT Fibernet today launched India's first 1Gbps wired broadband services in Hyderabad, becoming the first Internet Service Provider in the country to offer high-speed Internet services in an entire city. Also with the launch Hyderabad joins Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Kansas among Giga-enabled global cities.

For the 1Gbps wired broadband service, ACT Fibernet uses fiber optic technology, and its 1Gbps offering is said to be 400 time faster than the average internet speed of 2.5Mbps in the the country.

According to the company, the 1TB (1024Mbps) wired broadband service lets you download 10 HD movies at the same time in less than 10 minutes. Users can also upload huge files to the cloud in just seconds. Moreover, users can do everyday browsing even while streaming Blu-ray and 4K quality videos without buffering, or watch webinars and participate in video/conference calls without any time lags. Above all, the company claims that transferring data on the internet will be faster than copying data to a USB Pen Drive.

ACT Fibernets's 1Gbps high-speed wired broadband service will cost Rs. 5,999 per month, and comes with 1TB FUP (Fair Usage Policy), and after that speed will be throttled to 10Mbps. There's also onc time installation fee of Rs. 5,000.

The company said that its 1Gbps wired Internet service will expand to 11 cities where it operates in the coming months.

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