Friday, 23 June 2017

Android O could be called Oatmeal Cookie

Every year, when Google releases the latest iteration of Android, the Pixel maker gives it a dessert name. Last year's Android N was referred as Android Nougat, and for Android O, reports have so far suggested that it will be called Android Oreo.

However, a site called myce have discovered clues as to what Android O will be called. Myce found several references of 'oc-dev' in the source code of Android 8.0, indicating that the new iteration of Android would be called Oatmeal Cookie instead.

Moreover, the sample code seen in the presentation slide during Google's I/O keynote also mentions oatmeal-cookie as well. This is an indication, Google is thinking of 'Oatmeal Cookie' as a candidate for Android 8.0's final name.

According to reports Google is currently in talks with Oreo, to get permission to use its name as the next Android iteration. While Oreo seems most likely to be the main candidate, Google could be using 'oc' as a fallback/placeholder in case Google doesn't  get green signal to use it. To recall, Android N was internally referred to as New York Cheesecake, and upon release was called Nougat. 

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