Sunday, 2 July 2017

Google's Triangle app gives you control of your mobile data

Google has released a new app called 'Triangle' that will let you easily manage and check the mobile data on smartphones. It lets you see current data usage, block unwanted data usage with the Data Saver option, and check prepaid balance.

Using 'Data Saver' mode you can allow specific apps to use data for 10 or 30 minutes at a time, or allow always. You can even block data usage from an app completely, if you suspect, it is consuming data in the background. By giving more control over mobile data usage, Google is aiming to help users save their precious data by using Triangle app.

The app is currently being tested in Philippines and most of the features work only for Globe and Smart prepaid users only. Google is also offering 100GB of free data as rewards to smart and Globe prepaid subscribers, who register their mobile number with the app. Users will also earn extra data by installing promoted apps.

Triangle is available to download from Google Play Store in the Philippines, and there's no word whether it will be available for everyone globally. However, others can download the APK file from third party website like APKmirror and install it manually. Note that the extra data offer will not be available for users outside Philippines. 


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